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Classic Car Servicing:
Why not have your classic car serviced by classic car enthusiasts!
We can offer a range of servicing for your classic from a simple oil
and filter change to a comprehensive service including brakes,
steering, etc. Please call to discuss your requirements, and YOU
choose the make of oil, filters, etc.

Facilities / ramp hire:
We've all been there! The garage is full of kids toys,
lawn mower, barbeque, etc. It's cold, dark, starting
to rain, and you've promised youself that you'll do
that job on your classic that you've been threatening
for ages. We can offer the HOURLY hire of warm, dry
well lit workshop facilities, 7 DAYS, 9AM TILL 9PM.
The hourly hire rate INCLUDES USE OF A MODERN FOUR
POST LIFT, and is strictly by appointment. Please call
to discuss your requirements.
How many times have you stood admiring that classic
car at your local car show. Highly polished coachwork,
gleaming chrome, and a sharp interior.....
then the bubble bursts when you look under the bonnet!
Far too many lovely classics are let down by an untidy
and dirty underbonnet area. We can offer services
ranging from a simple hot steam clean of the under
bonnet / chassis / wheelarch ares (being sympathetic
to the fact it's a classic), to a fully detailed, show
quality engine bay. The example engine bay shown is
a very tidy MG Midget that has had the underseal
removed, paintwork freshened up (NO engine removal),
and all bolt on ancillaries removed, cleaned and replaced
with new fasteners where necessary. Options on upgrades
to alloy rocker boxes, accessories, and powder coating can
be accomodated, please ring to discuss your requirements.
The same detailing can be applied to wheelarches, brake
calipers, hubs, etc.


Pre purchase inspections:

After many requests from prospective classic owners, we now offer the facility of classic car pre purchase inspections. For the one off fee of 99*, we will inspect your chosen vehicle and give an objective report on both its overall bodywork and mechanical condition. This can be done on site
or in our workshop. We will also include a printed copy of an up to date HPI Report, detailing any recorded accident history or outstanding finance.
*within a 20 mile radius of Sunderland, greater distances by negotiation